Sweepstakes and giveaways for your big day

Deciding what you want to sign up for can be overwhelming. Do you really stand a chance to win a trip? gown? ring? YES!!!

I recommend creating a bridal email address to make managing your BUNK MAIL (Bridal Junk Mail). GMAIL makes it very easy for you to create a new email and go crazy with the give aways. mydreamwedding@gmail.com

Here is the first sweepstakes that you should sign up for: TLC Bride Day Shopping Sweeps.

You can also use this email address for all bridal communications with event planners, hair and makeup artist (me :)), photographers, and DJs. This will help you keep track and manage all of your emails in one place. Hopefully I will hear from you soon.

Good luck!!

xo - Mindy

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